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Lirik lagu Organism Big Scary ada di Album Animal

Organism Big Scary lirik lagu:

[Verse 1]
You are the breath until your body breaks
You are the illness that your system shakes
In the image of an arc swept low, then up until a song it makes
To repress until the questions flow
Illustrate until the classroom follows
Your left hand can't know where the right has been
Flick your tongue until the words spill

So go and file your decisions this is not intermission this is a...
[Verse 2]
To repeat until the pressure peaks
And put some blood into your cheeks
Bottom feeding on an ancient lore
Breath recycling 'til the room speaks
Always pleading that you act on inaction
Always hoping that you combat distraction, so I can distract you

So go and file your decisions this is not intermission
This is a big world in a little girl

Judul lirik lagu: Organism
artis: Big Scary
Produser oleh: Big Scary
ada di Album Animal
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